photography how i’ve missed you; ma petite fleur, paige


Summer over the city, George Steinmetz


Let him out, came out a minute later to check on him

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I thought leaving you would be easy,
just walking out the door
but I keep getting pinned against it
with my legs around your waist and it’s like
my lips want you like my lungs want air,
it’s just what they where born to do so
I am sitting at work thinking of you
cutting vegetables in my kitchen
your hair in my shower drain
your fingers on my spine in the morning
while we listen to Muddy Waters, I know
you will never be the one I call home
but the way you talk about poems
like marxists talk of revolution
it makes me want to keep trying.
I’m still looking for reasons to love you.
I’m still looking for proof you love me.

Clementine von Radics (via 47giraffes)


i miss the way your skin melted against mine while we’d watch the sunset together


i really want to carry a torch in a cave just like one time

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what can be smooth but also rough ;)))))

endoplasmic reticulum

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never underestimate the power of a low quality webcam to make you look good in a selfie

this song screams sex appeal


Looking Too Closely • Fink

If I’m not mistaken, the last time I listened to Fink was May of 2013. That wasn’t that long ago. When I started typing, I was going to say a very different year. Shout out to iTunes for helping me out. Regardless, I was obsessed with “This Is the Thing”, and I think it was because of some atrocious Nicholas Sparks’ book-turned-movie. “Looking Too Closely” warrants a similar obsession, but the roots are much more pure. I like that. 


"I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same"
Pulp Fiction, 1994